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Get On Board

June 4, 2021

Let's improve elections for everyone!

Volunteer Advertisement:

Lehigh Valley Stands Up (LVSU) is calling for any registered voter in Lehigh or Northampton County to submit an application to serve on the County Board of Elections (BOE). While we do not have the authority to appoint members to this board, we are committed to transparency and access to our election system, and encourage public participation in all aspects of our democracy. We will screen applicants and do everything in our power to recommend a chosen applicant to be appointed to the board.

LVSU is looking for BOE members who are champions of voting rights, enthusiastic to learn about the elections system in the County and PA, and committed to bringing transparency, accountability, and professionalism to the BOE. Qualified candidates will come from all walks of life and bring experience with successfully or unsuccessfully registering to vote, voting, volunteering as a poll worker, running for elected office, volunteering with an election campaign or community organization, and/or an interest in any of the aforementioned activities. Previous experience on a non-profit or municipal board is not required (or recommended). LVSU will help you learn requirements, expectations, and rules for participating in this position.

This is an unpaid, appointed, volunteer position which we have no authority to award, but since no one else seems interested in the professional, transparent, and accessible operation of our local elections we figured, “why not?”

Minimum Requirements:

To Apply:

Submit a 200 word personal statement and 1-page resume/portfolio/profile/work of art or poetry to

Job Description:

The Lehigh County BOE is a three member board composed of the County Executive, one appointed Democrat member, and one appointed Republican member. The Northampton County Election Commission is a 5-member board composed of three appointed republicans and two appointed democrats. The Boards oversee the maintenance of elections infrastructure and operation of yearly primary and general elections. The Boards are charged with approving changes and oversight of the elections process as well as the official certification of election results in the county. The Boards meet infrequently throughout the year to conduct business.  Board positions are nominated by their respective parties and approved by the County Commission.

Honestly, the meeting dates and minutes of Board of Elections meetings are difficult to find and much of the operation is a mystery. It is up to us and committed members of our community to improve this institution.