Lehigh Valley Stands Up

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About Us

It’s All of Us or None of Us!

That was the slogan for Greg Edwards during his 2018 primary race for Congressman of PA District 7. But it’s more than a slogan. That same year, Jess King ran to represent PA’s 11th District under the slogan “America is for All of Us.”

See a theme? Volunteers for both campaigns knew that we have been divided for too long. That’s why groups of them have not lain dormant after the election, are not silent. Won’t sit back while the rich and powerful take over our cities and our elections. We’re standing up for working people and against those who would use their wealth to separate us.

Lehigh Valley Stands Up (LVSU) is a grassroots organization formed by leaders from the Greg Edwards for Congress campaign (including Pastor Edwards). Together we will build a multi-racial working class force for progressive political change in the Lehigh Valley, making a difference on issues and in elections in the years ahead.

A little more background on LVSU: we’re one of nine chapter organizations of Pennsylvania Stands Up. PA Stands Up was born following the 2018 midterms when PA Together, Lancaster Stands Up, Beyond the Choir, and leaders from the Jess King for Congress and Greg Edwards for Congress campaigns joined forces to form a new statewide organization. Presently, we're in the process of merging with Keystone Progress and we’ll go into 2020 with chapters in the Lehigh Valley, Capital Region, Berks, Chester, Delco, Erie, Lancaster, York, and Philadelphia!

This energy is changing what's possible here in PA. The past three years have galvanized a new generation of grassroots leaders all across Pennsylvania—and not only in the Democratic strongholds of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, but all across our state. Together we’ve organized hundreds of rallies and town halls, worked to hold our elected officials accountable, knocked hundreds of thousands of doors, and some of our leaders have even run for office. We have so much to build on, and so much to look forward to.